RDF label test cases

Version 1.1 17 August 2004

This page links to the various reources set up on this server to test new labelling methods based on RDF/XML.

Direct links to specific labels

Each of the resources listed in this section includes a direct link to a specific RDF description. This is done either by means of a Link Rel tag or, in the case of the video clip, through an HTTP response header. A single RDF instance contains the 4 labels, identified by an ID tag. The RDF instance itself can be seen at labels.rdf.

Labels and rules in one

The links in this section point to recources that carry the same labels but this is done in a different way. Every resource carries the same link. Which of the four labels is applied to the resource in question will be determined by the client.

The RDF instance designed to label these resources is at labels_and_rules.rdf. The only difference between this instance and labels.rdf is that it contains extra information that can be used to match the URI of the resource to the correct label.

This page itself carries a link to the specifc "r4" label.

Blind test

In addition to the test cases above, a further case has been added after the metadata checker was built. A page was created and labelled using the label generator.