Six easy steps to using Netscape Communicator 4.5x and RSACi together.

Step 1

Start Netscape Communicator
Pull down the Help menu.
Select 'NetWatch'...

Step 2

Click on the link to begin the setup process.
RSACi effectively blocks unwanted content in four areas: Language, Nudity, Sex, and Violence.

Step 4

You will now be prompted for a password. This password will be used to lock the settings - you must have this password to be able to turn ratings on or off, and to set the levels of restriction.

From time to time it is probably a good idea to change your password!

Step 6

Give it a test!
Try going to the Playboy Home Page. If you have set your levels below "4304" and are blocked, congratulations! If not, start again and see if you missed something.

If you need further assistance on this matter, write to for more help.

Further Help

Whilst ICRA is not able formally to maintain a support function the team are willing to offer help wherever practically possible. E-mails can be sent via the link below to the team in the UK and will be answered as soon as possible (typically within a day or two, always within 5 days). ICRA is not able to offer telephone support.

Further support:

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