Childnet International

The Internet is a great place to chat with people all over the world and make new friends, to learn about every subject possible and to have a great deal of fun. However, do take care - you could be at risk if you do not follow some simple steps...

  1. Always keep your personal details (name, address) private. It's like giving out the keys to your house!
  2. Your personal password is your own special identity, so keep it secret and don't share it - even with your best friend or someone who sounds official.
  3. Making new e-pals whilst on line is cool, but tell your parents about who you have met and introduce them to your new friends.
  4. If you want to meet someone you have met in cyberspace, ask your parents/carer's permission, and then only when they can be present.
  5. There's great stuff on the Net, but some bad stuff too! So always tell a parent or teacher if you come across anything which makes you feel uncomfortable.
  6. Chat can be fun, but don't hang around in a chat room if someone makes you feel uncomfortable or worried. Remember you're in charge out there!

Follow these simple steps and you will have access to the world - enjoy the experience and remember, when surfing the Internet, your best friend really can be your parents, carer or teacher.

These tips were the result of extensive research and a report produced by Childnet International and Fleishman Hillard as part of a EC funded research study. Our sincere thanks to Childnet International for their permission to reproduce them here.