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ICRA™ Terms and Conditions - content providers

In return for using the ICRA™ label (meta-tag) on a site you agree to these terms and conditions:

  1. You acknowledge the validity of the ICRA Marks and that ICRA™ has established significant rights and valuable good will therein. You agree not to impair the title, rights and interest of ICRA in the ICRA Marks, including the label (meta-tag), the acronym and full name of the organization and the ICRA logos. You will not make any claim to, apply to register, or register the label, any ICRA Mark or any confusingly similar marks. All use of the label and other ICRA Marks shall inure solely to the benefit of ICRA.
  2. When the registration questionnaire is submitted a database entry is created and ICRA™ will send a label (meta-tag) which must be placed as instructed.
  3. By submitting the registration and applying the label (meta-tag) as instructed you get a licence to use the label (meta-tag) for the content specified.
  4. If any of following conditions is not met, the licence is invalid and ICRA™ can remove the database entry.
    • You agree to comply with the instructions for the use of the label (meta-tag) given in the registration process.
    • All information submitted through the registration must be accurate, true and complete.
    • The label (meta-tag) must be present as instructed and correspond to the entry in the database.
    • The label (meta-tag) must at all times reflect accurately the content it describes.
    • The label (meta-tag) must only be changed through re-labelling and creating a new matching entry in the database.
  5. ICRA™ may perform automated and manual checks of the label (meta-tag) and content at any time.
  6. Without a valid licence the use of labels and ICRA™ marks must be discontinued and no confusingly similar mark or name can be used.
  7. If ICRA™ revokes a licence because of misrepresentation of content, notification will be sent to the e-mail address in the registration questionnaire. If the situation is not remedied two weeks after such notification ICRA reserves the right to take appropriate action including but not limited to, making the misrepresentation known through lists, web-postings and notifications to the press.
  8. You hereby indemnify and hold ICRA™ harmless from any claims, suits, losses or damages (including reasonable legal fees incurred by ICRA), arising as a result of breach of this agreement or any other action taken by you in connection with any services, labelled site, misrepresentation, or violation of the registration questionnaire.
  9. The use of the label (meta-tag) is entirely voluntary, and you enter into this agreement without any representation or warranty of any kind being made by ICRA™ hereunder. The occurrence and/or results of any review, evaluation, or other proceedings conducted by or for ICRA with respect to the label (meta-tag) for the site does not constitute any representation or warranty by or on behalf of ICRA, including any representation that the label (meta-tag) is appropriate for the site. Moreover, these occurrences and/or results shall not give rise to any liability or obligations on the part of ICRA, or any rights of reliance by or for you or any third party, nor otherwise be deemed or construed as being for the benefit of you or any third party. ICRA does not warrant or guarantee that the label will not infringe the trademark, service mark, trade name, copyright, or other intellectual property rights of any third party.
  10. Upon transfer of site responsibility to others, you will notify the successor that the use of the label (meta-tag) is subject to these terms and conditions, and that continued use of ICRA label (meta-tag) requires re-labelling. Unless so agreed, you will take steps to remove the label (meta-tag) and the database entry through notification to ICRA. The licence gives no right to sub-license any of the rights granted herein.
  11. All notices, claims, requests, and demands to ICRA shall be made in writing by registered or certified mail with reply postage prepaid to:
    Executive Director
    Internet Content Rating Association™
    22 Old Steine
    Brighton BN1 1EL
    United Kingdom
  12. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

ICRA Labelling

ICRA Privacy Policy

ICRA™ is committed to protecting the privacy of those who register and others who visit this site. Through the registration process certain information related to the registered site must be gathered if the labelling system is to work properly, including contact details for those responsible for the site. Although we may disclose information related to registered sites, we will not give out information directly linked to an individual such as name or e-mail.

ICRA™ Registration

During the course of registering a website users are required to enter a certain level of personal and site specific information needed to administer the registration. ICRA™ regards the data that it collects during the labelling process to fall into either of two categories: PRIVATE DATA and PUBLIC DATA.

PRIVATE DATA include personal information such as name, address, organisation, email address, and telephone number. PRIVATE DATA are collected solely for use by ICRA™ as part of its authentication procedure to protect the integrity of the labelling system. Such data will not be disclosed or sold to a third party without prior consent.

PUBLIC DATA are all non-private information, including among other things, the URL of the site or file being labelled and the label that results from the rating process. PUBLIC DATA may be disseminated freely or for a fee at the sole discretion of ICRA™, for example, for use by third party label bureaus.

The registration process is intended for webmasters or people who control websites. Registrants can opt out and have their details removed by forwarding a request to stating their name, e-mail address and website URL. However, because of the above mentioned authentication procedure, a contact person will need to be registered in our database for the site label to be valid. Details of information held can be obtained by forwarding a written request with proof of identity to the following address:

Internet Content Rating Association™
22 Old Steine
Brighton BN1 1EL
United Kingdom

This site uses the services of Tribal Fusion for the serving and/or targeting of ads, promotions and other marketing messages. To do this, Tribal Fusion collects anonymous data typically through the use of cookies. To see the Tribal Fusion Privacy Policy, please click here.

Legal notice

The ICRA labelling system is free for use by webmasters. Similarly, the ICRAfilter is free for use by parents and other concerned adults providing it is for their own personal use. Any use of the system by an individual, corporation,institution or other body for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from ICRA. The ICRA labelling and filtering systems are protected by the U.S. Copyright laws and the ICRA name and logo are protected by the U.S. Trademark laws.