Forgotten password

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There is no record of your passwords anywhere. Individual user passwords and the override password can be changed without knowing the existing ones; however, if you forget your administrator password, there is no way for ICRA or anyone else to retrieve it.

ICRA can, however, prepare a special program for you that will reset the password. In order to create this program, which will only run on your machine, you need to copy some files onto a floppy disk and send it to your nearest ICRA office together with an administration fee.

Detailed instructions

Use Windows Explorer or My Computer to make a copy of the pwd.conf, config.conf and dist.conf files on a floppy disk. You will find them in the folder in which you installed ICRAplus, usually C:\Program Files\ICRAplus.

NB. Tampering with or deleting these files will cut off your connection completely, not just for internet access but for all online activity.

If you are unfamiliar with Windows Explorer or My Computer, please consult Windows' own help system.

Send the floppy disk together with $25 (US Dollars), EUR25 (Euro) or 18 (Sterling) to the UK or USA ICRA office, details of which are available on the ICRA website at

Cheques (checks) should be made payable to Internet Content Rating Association.