Manage passwords

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This is the screen that allows you to change the two passwords that only you, the administrator, should know.

The administrator login and password

This is the name and password you use to access the ICRAplus control panel. To get to this screen, or any other, you must already know your existing login name and password! You can change your login name and password independently of each other as you wish.

Make sure you keep this login name and password secret. You should never need to type it in front of other users. However, something we cannot emphasize strongly enough - there is no central record of your password. If you forget it, no one can tell you what it was!

Override password

This is the password you enter when a page is blocked but you want to override it and allow the requested page to be displayed. It is likely that you will often type this password in front of other users of this machine. Therefore it is recommended that you change this password often. If you forget this password, it is not a serious matter as you do not need to know the old override password to enter a new one.