The ICRA system - a parent's view.

The key point about the ICRA system is that it empowers parents to make choices about what their children can and cannot see on the internet. Choice not censorship is the phrase that best sums up the philosophy.

ICRA is not a software company and does not offer complete packages for parents. However, we do provide the basic tools for parents and are working with a variety of companies and organizations to develop the key ideas further. There are two ways in which parents can use the ICRA system now, with more now under development. Each system has its strengths and weaknesses!

ICRAfilter. This is the basic filtering tool offered by ICRA. In order to be effective as a filtering tool, you really need to install at least one "filtering template" provided by an organization you trust. For full details of the filter, the templates and how to use this system, please click here.

Microsoft Internet Explorer's Content Advisor. This feature was first built into Internet Explorer in 1996. It provides many useful functions for parents and can be configured to work with the ICRA system. For details of how to set up this system, please click here.