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Associate members

ICRA's Associate Membership exists to allow smaller companies and individuals to support ICRA's twin aims of:

  • protecting children from potentially harmful material; and,
  • protecting free speech on the internet.

ICRA is proud to count many companies and individuals as Associate Members. They have all made a commitment to label websites they create and maintain, and to support ICRA's work.

As well as a listing on this site there are other benefits to Associate Membership status. Find out more.

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Associate Member listing

All descriptions of ICRA's Associate Members' businesses are presented in a manner intended not to cause any offence. However, Associate Members operate a wide variety of sites and users may wish not to see details, and be offered links to, some of these. If you check any of the ICRA descriptors below, Associate Members whose sites offer that kind of content will not be shown on the following pages. Your selections will be stored in a cookie so that future visits will be similarly personalized.


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Do not show: XXX sites Gambling sites

Detailed selection

Nudity and sexual material     Omit all
Erections and female genitals in details
Male genitals
Female genitals
Female breasts
Bare buttocks
Explicit sexual acts
Obscured or implied sexual acts
Visible sexual touching
Passionate kissing
Allow if in Artistic, Educational or Medical context
Violence     Omit all
Sexual violence/rape
Blood and gore, human beings
Blood and gore, animals
Blood and gore, fantasy characters (including animation)
Killing of human beings
Killing of animals
Killing of fantasy characters (including animation)
Deliberate injury to human beings
Deliberate injury to animals
Deliberate injury to fantasy characters (including animation)
Deliberate damage to objects
Allow if in Artistic, Educational or Medical context
Language     Omit all
Explicit sexual language
Crude words or profanity
Mild expletives
Other topics     Omit all
Promotion of tobacco use
Promotion of alcohol use
Promotion of drug use
Promotion of weapon use
Promotion of discrimination or harm against people
Material that might be perceived as setting a bad example for young children
Material that might disturb young children
Chat     Omit all
Unmoderated chat
Moderated chat suitable for children and teens

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