Optional Extension to PICSRules File specification

Published 21st March 2002
Version 1.0

In order that "Template Providers" may be able to brand their PRFs, ICRA has defined an optional extension to the W3C's PICSRules specification. A 16 by 16 pixel icon may be included as a hexadecimal string. The extension declaration should be given as follows:

optextension ( "https://icra.org/prf-opt.html" ShortName "ICRAfilter" )

The extension has a single attribute/value pair as follows:

Attribute: ICRAfilter.Icon
Value: Quoted string containing a hexadecimal encoding of a Microsoft Windows .ICO file which itself contains a single 16x16 pixel icon.
Usage: Used by ICRAfilter to display a branding icon in the template list.

Once declared, the extension can then be called as required.


ICRAfilter.Icon "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"

The example above is the default icon used in the ICRA system.

For further information contact or write to
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