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ICRAplus is new so we're very keen to receive feedback and bug reports. The form below is designed to help you give us the information we need, especially for bug fixes.
General feedback
ICRAplus version number
(right click on the icon in the bottom right hand side of the screen and select 'About')
Filters installed Optenet
Your version of Windows
Please comment on how easy it is to use ICRAplus Very easy
OK, but you have to think a little
OK, but you have to think a lot
General comments
If you would like a reply, please include your e-mail address here.
Bug report
When did the bug appear? During installation
Immediately after installation on first use
It was OK at first and then...
Do you have any other filters or anti-virus software running? If so, please say which
Please descrbe the steps you took immediately before the problem arose (so we can recreate it)

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