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Protecting Kids with Digimarc(TM)

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The Protecting Kids with Digimarc" program is made possible through the combined efforts and technologies of the Internet Content Rating Association, Net Nanny, RuleSpace and Digimarc.


The Internet Content Rating Association is an international, independent non-profit organization that empowers the public, especially parents, to make informed decisions about electronic media by means of the open and objective labeling of content. ICRA's dual aims are to: protect children from potentially harmful material; and, to protect free speech on the Internet.

There are two elements to the system: Web authors fill in an online questionnaire describing the content of their site, simply in terms of what is and isn't present. ICRA then generates a Content Label (a short piece of computer code) which the author adds to his/her site. Users, especially parents of young children, can then set their Internet browser to allow or disallow access to web sites based on the objective information declared in the label and the subjective preferences of the user. The ICRA system can be used with Microsoft's Internet Explorer immediately, with wider applications under development. The existing RSACi labels can continue to be used in both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator but will be phased out over time. A key point is that the Internet Content Rating Association does not rate Internet content - the content providers do that, using the ICRA system. ICRA makes no value judgement about sites.

Net Nanny Software International Inc., a publicly traded company (OTCBB: NNSWF, CDNX: NNS) with headquarters and subsidiaries in the United States and Canada, specializes in Internet safety and computer security products for both the home and enterprise markets. The company's products address the growing need to secure access to mission-critical computer data, and give users the freedom to choose options consistent with their individual needs and value systems. For more information, contact the Company at www.netnanny.com or call (425) 688-3008.

RuleSpace, Inc., a privately held corporation located in Portland, Oregon, is an Internet infrastructure vendor that powers Internet Applications with its Contexion Services product family, which provides automated web content recognition technology and services that instantly recognize web content and facilitate the delivery of relevant web information. Solutions powered by Contexion Services enable Network Access Vendors, ISPs and Portals to deliver more meaningful and appropriate information to users as they surf the Web. Companies using RuleSpace technology include AOL, Intel, France Telecom and SmartStuff software. More information on RuleSpace is available at www.rulespace.com.

Digimarc Corp. (NASDAQ: DMRC), based in Tualatin, Ore., is the leading provider of digital watermarking components and technologies used in a wide range of security, identification and brand protection applications. Digimarc ID Systems, LLC, based in Bedford, Mass., and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Digimarc, is a leading global provider of secure and durable personal identification solutions, and is the leading producer of drivers licenses in the U.S., providing systems and services to 35 states. Internationally, Digimarc ID Systems produces identification documents for governments around the world.

Digimarc's patented digital watermarking technologies allow digital data to be embedded imperceptibly in traditional and digital media content, including photographic or artistic images, movies, music, packaging, printed materials, promotional items, value documents, tickets, and holograms, among others. Applications include protection of copyrights, security of value documents, management of media, and fostering integrated marketing and e-commerce for many goods and services.

Please go to www.digimarc.com for more company information.


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