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Protecting Kids with Digimarc(TM)

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Protecting Kids with Digimarc" Overview

Image courtesy of Corbis

The Protecting Kids with Digimarc program is similar to the Internet Content Rating Association's website labeling system in that it enables content providers to voluntarily self-regulate their web content in an effort to help make the internet safer for children and to reduce the likelihood of stricter government regulations.

And, like the ICRA website labels, the Protecting Kids with Digimarc watermarking subscriptions are free and easy to use.

Digimarc digital watermarking is the process of embedding imperceptible code into digital content, such as images, for management, tracking or identification purposes. The free Protecting Kids with Digimarc watermarking subscription includes a unique Digimarc ID, which allows content providers to embed their images with an Adult Content attribute. The Adult Content attribute designates the images with a "flag" to indicate it contains material that the content distributor has deemed to be inappropriate for children, such as images of violence, nudity, and drug use. The embedded watermark provides an inherent, persistent digital identity that will stay with the images as it travels through the Web to newsgroups, e-mail and other web sites.

Digimarc-enabled Internet filtering solutions can use these watermarks for enhanced image analysis. ICRA and Digimarc are working together to develop a new filtering solution. Meanwhile, Rule Space and Net Nanny are using the technology to aid their creation of profiles. Enhanced image recognition helps filtering applications more effectively navigate children away from adult content on the Web to kid-friendly material.

Help make the Internet safer for children by labeling your site and watermarking your images.


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