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Join as an Associate Member of ICRA

We are about to move to a new website and the format of the associate member page will change. To see the new format now, please click here.

NB: DO NOT sign up for membership on the new site - use this one!

Associate members will be kept fully informed about the changes.

Please fill in the form below, after which you will be directed to a choice of payment methods. Your associate membership of ICRA will not commence until we have received and processed your fee.

Name of company/individual to become Associate Member
Contact name (if different)
Contact e-mail address
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URL of site we should link to (this must be labelled)
Your logo (max. 150 px wide x 60 px high)
Please enter a brief description of your company/you. This can be in any language but must be no more than 100 words long and may be edited before publication.
You are very welcome to submit text in any language but please provide a brief English translation. This will not be published.
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