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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At present, we are only able to offer this information English, German, French, Italian and Chinese (traditional). The English site is the most up to date.

The FAQs are divided into four sections:

  1. Information about labelling for webmasters
  2. Information about ICRA's free filtering platform, ICRAplus.
  3. Information about Microsoft Internet Explorer's Content Advisor
  4. Miscellaneous information about ICRA and its work

1. Webmasters

This section is for all webmasters, whether you're building a personal website or building a high-end commercial web property. FAQ 1.1 is the starting point for all advice on labelling content.

FAQ 1.1 How do I label my site?
FAQ 1.2 Do I really have to add the label into every page?
FAQ 1.3 How can I control what a label covers?
FAQ 1.4 How do I label different sections and individual pages?
FAQ 1.5 How do I label a site that uses frames?
FAQ 1.6 How do I label elements pulled from other websites such as banner ads?
FAQ 1.7 What's the most efficient way to write multiple labels?
FAQ 1.8 My website has multiple domain names. How should I proceed?
FAQ 1.9 My site has an automatic redirect. How should I proceed?
FAQ 1.10 How do I test my label?
FAQ 1.11 How does filtering software read ICRA labels?
FAQ 1.12 How do I "decode" an ICRA label?
FAQ 1.13 My HTML editor has swapped "<" and ">" for "&lt" and "&gt" in my label. Why and what should I do?
FAQ 1.14 Can I label my site using XML technologies rather than PICS?
FAQ 1.15 Where can I find the ICRA logos for use on my website?


This section is for users of ICRA's own free filter, ICRAplus, along with its optional modules.

Please note that the answers to most questions are available in the help file that comes with the filter and that can also be read on this website. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the help file before setting up ICRAplus.

FAQ 2.1 I have downloaded the ICRAplus filter. How do I change its settings?
FAQ 2.2 After installing and configuring ICRAplus, nothing seems to have changed.
FAQ 2.3 Some sites that I have put in my Block list are not being blocked. Why?
FAQ 2.4 I have installed some of the optional modules along with ICRAplus. How do I use these?
FAQ 2.5 Can I set up the filter with different rules for different members of my family?
FAQ 2.6 Can I link ICRAplus profiles with Windows user accounts?
FAQ 2.7 I have set up different profiles, but the filter sometimes asks me for my password and username. Why?
FAQ 2.8 I can't find where to block all unlabelled sites, as I can in Content Advisor.
FAQ 2.9 I have a previous version of the filter and wish to update to the latest release. How do I do this?
FAQ 2.10 How do I uninstall the filter and/or its modules?
FAQ 2.11 The filter is ignoring my settings in Content Advisor.
FAQ 2.12 I have forgotten my Administrator password. What can I do?
FAQ 2.13 Can I use ICRAplus on operating systems other than Windows, such as a Mac?
FAQ 2.14 What are the current known problems and bugs with ICRAplus?

Internet Explorer's Content Advisor

FAQ 3.1 What is the relationship between ICRA and Content Advisor?
FAQ 3.2 How do I use Content Advisor with ICRA?
FAQ 3.3 How do I remove Content Advisor?
FAQ 3.4 I have forgotten my Content Advisor password. What can I do?
FAQ 3.5 How do I change my Content Advisor password?
FAQ 3.6 How do I disable filtering in my browser?

ICRA and its work

FAQ 4.1 What is ICRA?
FAQ 4.2 I've just found an offensive site, how come it's not labelled?

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