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ICRA affiliates

ICRA works with a variety of organizations around the world which, in one way or another help to promote the protection of children from potentially harmful content and the protection of free speech on the internet. Many of our affiliates include ICRA labelling as part of a broader scheme.

The inclusion of an affiliate on this page does not imply an endorsement of that organization by ICRA.

filler English= English
Espanol= Español
Deutsch= Deutsch
Francais= Français
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K-International, ICRA's Localization Partner

K-International English
ICRA enjoys an excellent working relationship with its localization partner, K-International. It is this relationship that makes it possible for ICRA to offer its website and services in multiple languages.


Segala English
Segala is the certification authority for web accessibility and verified mobile content, providing a branded and searchable trustmark. This enables search engines and browsers to filter content that contains this trustmark, helping to make the concept of personalised search a reality.

Recognising the specific need to protect children from inappropriate content, Segala is working closely with the Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA), providing a trustmark for both web and mobile communities. As an Associate member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), Segala helps create the standards used by organisations worldwide, for Web Accessibility conformance. Segala is the first testing and compliance specialist worldwide to become an Associate member of the GSMA, and a key member of the W3C Mobile Web Initiative steering council.


IT Backbones

IT Backbones English
IT Backbones is a network of websites designed to promote IT suppliers, services, events and organizations from all sectors of the IT Industry. The websites carry press releases, IT links and advertising. All IT Backbones websites focus on a specific area of the IT Industry.

IT Backbones donates free advertising space to ICRA.



Optenet English Deutsch Francais Espanol Portuguese Italiano
A Spanish company founded in 1997 with the prevailing mission to use the best software technology for the optimization of appropriate Internet usage in all areas, including companies, administration, education centres, and in the home market.

Optenet works with ICRA and the I-Config on the development of ICRAplus.




I-Config English
The Internet Content Filtering Group (i-config), part of the SKEL laboratory in NCSR "Demokritos," develops intelligent filtering technology, which provides its users with the ability to select content in accordance with their requirements, irrespective of data source or data format. The group combines expertise in a variety of cutting-edge technologies, such as information extraction, information filtering, image analysis, language engineering, knowledge discovery, personalization and Internet technologies.

I-Config works with ICRA and Optenet on the development of ICRAplus.



ilFiltro Italiano
fornisce informazioni pratiche sui sistemi di controllo dei contenuti Internet (parental control, filtro famiglia e simili).Non ha pretese di esaustivitÓ.



EuroISPA English
EuroISPA was established to achieve several important purposes. First, to protect and promote the interests of Europe as a whole within the global Internet, securing for Europe a premier position in this key industry. Secondly, to help deliver the benefits of this new technology of liberation and empowerment to individuals, while at the same time meeting the legitimate concerns of parents and others responsible for the weaker members of society. Thirdly, to encourage the development of a free and open telecommunications market, something of great benefit to society as a whole but essential to the healthy development of the Internet. And finally, to promote the interests of our members and provide common services to them where these cannot be had elsewhere.


Editions Profil

Editions Profil Francais English
Established in 1989, Editions Profil is a French software publisher specialized in security utilities. It supplies high quality software with relevant content and user friendly interface. Knowing the French market and its need for a well adapted Web filtering solution, Editions Profil engineer team has developed Parental Filter. Through its partnership with the ICRA, Editions Profil intends to promote a safer Internet to the children and teenagers preventing them from inappropriate content and other web threats

Pour en savoir plus sur le filtrage de contenu Web et tester gratuitement Parental Filter téléchargez le sur:



AIMpromote English

Increase website profitability by decreasing the time and expense involved in acquiring new customers. The AIMpromote system successfully integrates Lead Management, Detailed Visitor Tracking, and Pay-per-Click bid management in a single easy to use system. Click here to take advantage of our free full-featured 14 day trial.

Lead Management – Includes automatic email reply, newsletter marketing, sales pipeline tracking, sales team management and much more. Our automated feedback form generation automatically sends every lead you receive directly into your database. From there your staff will find it easy to close the sale using their integrated CRM application.

Detailed Visitor Tracking –A single account allows you to track unlimited domain names, and was built with multiple-site networks in mind. You can run reports on visitors, conversions, referral sites, complete campaign tracking, ROI, ROAS, search terms, search engines, pay-per-click search terms, and retail sales reports.

Pay-per-Click Bid Management – Your campaign management doesn’t just cover banner ads and text links; it includes the ability to integrate your Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing account information directly into your AIMpromote account.

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Zanox Deutsch English
Improve your results and revenue as a zanox-affiliate. Enable your online business to achieve more success: web-based and reported in real time.

As one of the leading affiliate networks in Europe, zanox helps merchants (advertisers) to acquire more customers and affiliates (publishers) to earn the most revenue. Both merchants and affiliates can maximize the performance of each partnership by a wide range of new advertising technologies. Join as a zanox merchant! Improve your results and reduce customer acquisition costs. Advertise and sell products and services through any website or e-mail. Join as a zanox affiliate! Improve your revenue from your audience: Publish and promote products or services on your website or in your e-mail.

Zanox uses and recommends ICRA labels to classify the content of affiliate sites and guarantees a high quality Affiliate network.

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