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A recent update for AVG Anti-Virus falsely reports a file in ICRAplus as containing a trojan. A later AVG update, dated 2 November, corrects this error.

If you experience problems with AVG, please contact us remembering to tell us your e-mail address.


ICRAplus download
To download the free ICRAplus filtering platform, click the Continue button below.

If you have already installed ICRAplus and you are returning to add more optional filters, please uncheck this box.  

Enhanced functionality
ICRAplus offers the flexibility and choice of the ICRA system while allowing users to add modules to create a more effective combined filtering solution. If you wish to add one or more of these modules, please select these from the list below.

NB. All the modules below have been developed independently from ICRA. ICRA is therefore not responsible for the performance or maintenance of any module listed below. Neither does ICRA implicitly or explicity endorse any of these products. Click the name to find out more about each filter.

For an up to date list of known problems with ICRAplus, please see the Read Me file.
Free Commercial filters
Jugendschutzprogramm.de schützt Kinder und Jugendliche vor Gefährdung durch Erotik oder Gewalt auf deutschsprachigen Internet-Seiten.
€39/year Free trial available
OPTENET has developed efficient cutting-edge technology in the selection and filtering of access to the Internet.
Returning soon!
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