This section is for all webmasters. Whether you're building a personal website or building a high-end commercial web property, this is the starting point for all advice on labelling content.

Note: In July 2005 ICRA labelling moved to a new platform to take advantage of broader developments on the internet and with other digital media. If you are a webmaster with a label obtained before July 2005 (i.e. a PICS label) visiting this section for help with labelling, please go to the label generator and obtain a new (RDF) label. Your new label will include a PICS tag based on the updated vocabulary.

This section will help you place and link your new label.

1.1 How do I label my site?
1.2 How do I link my site's content to my label?
1.3 Do I really have to add the Link tag into every page?
1.4 How do I label different sections and individual pages?
1.5 How do I label a site that uses frames?
1.6 What if my site can be reached via other addresses?
1.7 How can I label multiple sites with the same label?
1.8 How do I test my label?
1.9 I've uploaded my label to my site, but I'm still getting a red light.
1.10 How do I "decode" an ICRA label?
1.11 Where can I find the ICRA logos for use on my website?
1.12 What is the underlying technology behind the ICRA system?
1.13 What is the structure of a file containing ICRA labels?
1.14 What are the processing rules for ICRA labels used by filters?
1.15 Should I delete my old PICS label?
1.16 I've labelled my site but it's now inaccessible. Why?
1.17 I've uploaded the labels file but I can't see it in my browser
1.18 My ISP will not let me upload the labels.rdf file
1.19 How can I label content written in WML or older versions of HTML?
1.20 Can I use a relative URL in my link tag?

Professional webmasters and developers should refer to ICRA's formal system specification.

Internet Explorer's Content Advisor

In July 2005 ICRA changed from using a labelling system based on the PICS platform to one based on a system known as RDF. However, many sites are still labelled using the older PICS labels, and since April 2006 ICRA has included a simplified PICS version of the current vocabulary along with its RDF labels. Microsoft includes support for PICS labels in Content Advisor, the filter built into its browser since 1996. Content Advisor can therefore be used with the ICRA system to offer a degree of parental control.

3.1 What is the relationship between ICRA and Content Advisor?
3.2 How do I use Content Advisor with ICRA?
3.3 How do I remove Content Advisor?
3.4 I have forgotten my Content Advisor password. What can I do?
3.5 How do I change my Content Advisor password?
3.6 How do I disable Content Advisor filtering in my browser?

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