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ICRA Label tester

Enter the URL of the site you want to test and either press [Enter] or click the "Test" button.

NBThis tool only tests the single page you enter. If you find that this page is labelled, it does NOT mean that all pages on that website are labelled, or that pages to which it links are labelled.

You will get a report on what labels, if any, are present. There are 3 possible basic outcomes:

  • Red: The site is not ICRA labelled.
  • Amber: The site is partially labelled. That is, some, but not all of the requested URL carries an ICRA label.
  • Green: Everything the tool finds at the requested URL is labelled

This tool is designed primarily for use by webmasters testing their own labels so as well as these basic results, you may see a lot of technical detail that won't mean much to you if you're not a webmaster.

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