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Associate member benefits

As an Associate Member you will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. The right to use any of a choice of specially-designed logos on your on- and offline materials.
  2. A listing on ICRA's high-traffic website including:
    • Your company logo*
    • A short description of your company/yourself. This can be in any language and be up to a maximum of 100 words long.*
    • A hyperlink to your own site.**
  3. The right to attend ICRA's Annual General Meeting held each year in September. Voting rights are retained for full members but you will have the chance to meet representatives of some of the biggest names on the internet.
  4. The right to attend an Associate Members' forum to be held annually to coincide with the AGM.
  5. Priority technical support, normally within 24 hours, often less.
  6. Priority access to ICRA information and materials.
specimen Associate Member logo
In return, we ask that you promote the self-labelling message by:

  1. Ensuring that your own website is fully labelled using ICRA labels.
  2. Labelling any websites developed or managed by you.

The only other stipulation is that on termination of your Associate Membership, all use of the ICRA Associate Member logos will cease.


The Associate Membership fee is $100 (USD), €100 (EUR) or 70 pounds sterling (GBP), payable annually. A variety of payment methods are available: Direct Debit, BACS transfer, Credit Card (via PayPal) or cheque (check).

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OK here's the small print
* ICRA reserves the right not to display any logo or use descriptive text that may cause offence
** The site we link to must be fully and accurately labelled

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