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Protecting Kids with Digimarc" Overview

How To Watermark Your Images

Sign up for a free Protecting Kids with Digimarc" watermarking subscription. When you do, you will immediately receive your unique Digimarc ID that can be used with many popular image editing tools to embed an Adult Content attribute in your watermarked images. Digimarc enabled imaging editing tools include such popular applications such as Adobe Photoshop®, Corel PHOTO PAINT®, Equilibrium DeBabelizer®, Jasc Paint Shop Pro", Micrografx PicturePublisher®, Ulead Photo Impact® and Image Optimizer".

As illustrated below, watermarking your images only takes a few seconds. Simply select the Personalize box in the Embed Watermark window and enter your Digimarc ID and PIN to customize your watermarking software. Then select the Adult Content checkbox and choose the Target Output to determine your watermark durability and click OK. Watermarking an image is that easy.

By also selecting the Verify checkbox, this will enable you to verify the robustness of your watermarked image. You want to make sure your watermarked images register in the yellow or green range prior to distribution on the Internet for consistent watermark detection.

A Pin Enter your two digit PIN number in the first text box.
B Creator ID Enter your six digit Digimarc Creator ID in the second text box.
*C Copyright Year This field is intended for use only with a Digimarc ImageBridge" watermarking subscription.
*D Restricted Use This field is intended for use only with a Digimarc ImageBridge" watermarking subscription.
E Target Output From the drop-down menu, choose the target for watermark display: Monitor, Web, or Print.
F Adult Content Select Adult Content if you wish to communicate that the image is for adult viewers and not suitable for children.
G Watermark Durability Allows you to choose a strength for your watermark.
H Verify Select this box for feedback to confirm the strength of the watermark in your image.

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