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ICRAchecked Reviewer Guidelines

What does ICRAchecked signify for parents?

Sites that have been through the ICRAchecked process have been visited by one of the members of ICRA's team, working to strict guidelines. Therefore the parent should feel confident that the label on the site will not deliver any surprises or dissatisfaction when using systems that make use of ICRA labels in directing children away from potentially harmful online content.

Does ICRAchecked mean that a site is child-friendly?

No. ICRAchecked means that the label on the site reflects the site's content in terms of the ICRA vocabulary. The intention of ICRA labelling is to help parents protect children from potentially harmful material, and so many sites carrying ICRA labels are those whose webmasters recognize that their site content may not be suitable for children. An ICRAchecked site is therefore one on which the parent can have confidence in the label's declaration of content.

Does ICRAchecked signify a high-quality site?

No. It is purely a verification of label versus content, in terms of ICRA's vocabulary.

Does ICRAchecked signify that the site has been endorsed by ICRA?

No. Neither ICRA nor its members endorse any web sites, their contents or their practises. ICRAchecked does not signify anything other than accuracy of the ICRA label.

What guidelines does an ICRAchecked site follow?

The labelling on an ICRAchecked site should reflect the site's content, be it an image, portrayal, or description. If the label says that a content-type is present, and the content is checked as being present, then the site may be verified as ICRAchecked. The label should strive to be equally accurate in terms of absent content; that is, content that is labelled as present but is in fact found to be absent at the time of the check. ICRA recognizes that non-static sites may need to make use of the category 'may or may not be present' in order to provide the best protection for children. Sites that are static in nature should not generally employ the 'may or may not be present' labels.

Do sites have to pass the 'Strict' criterion on the label tester in order to qualify for ICRAchecked status?

The ICRA label tester includes a 'Strict' option. This indicates that the webmaster has labelled not only the contents of his/her own site but also those items generated from outside sources, such as banner ads, etc. ICRA recognizes that not all webmasters have control over the choice of ads delivered to their sites. If it is not possible to accurately label such items, then as long as the content under the actual control of the webmaster is accurately labelled, the webmaster need not necessarily label the outside content for the site to qualify for ICRAchecked.

Can only sites using the RDF method of labelling apply for ICRAchecked status?

Yes. The ICRAchecked database only makes use of RDF data, not the older PICS labels. However, if present, a PICS label should match the RDF label.

Should every page of a site be labelled in order for it to qualify as ICRAchecked?

As sites may be accessed from any point, labelling only the index page of a site is insufficient. The Link tag should therefore be present on every page.

Is ICRAchecked permanent?

Sites are entered into the ICRAchecked database for one year from the date of issue. If a site's content changes in such a way that the label needs to change during that year, the site should be re-verified in order to uphold the validity of the ICRAchecked status.

What if I find a site that is recognized as ICRAchecked but which appears to be incorrectly labelled?

Sites that are ICRAchecked have been visited at the time of submission by a member of ICRA's team, working to strict guidelines. If you come across content on a site that appears to you to be in conflict with the label, ICRA will investigate the complaint. Full details of the complaints procedure are available from the links below.

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