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Please fill in the form below, after which you will be directed to the PayPal site. Your associate membership of ICRA will not commence until we have received your fee and processed your application.

Name of company/individual to become Associate Member (i.e. the name that is displayed on this site)
Contact name (if different)
Contact e-mail address
We will communicate with you periodically, typically 4-5 times a year, but will not disclose your e-mail address to any third party.
Postal Address
URL of site we should link to (this must be labelled)
Title for link to your site (if blank. mouseover text will read "Link to your company name")
Your logo (max. 150 px wide x 60 px high).
As stated in the benefits page, ICRA reserves the right not to display logos that may cause general offence.
Please enter a description of your company/you. This can be in any language but must be no more than 150 words long and may be edited before publication. This text will appear on your 'own page' on the ICRA website along with your logo (if supplied). Again, please note that ICRA reserves the right not to display text that may cause general offence. Please use Unicode for character sets other than Latin-1 (i.e. this one).
The first 140 characters of the text you've entered above (about 2 lines) will be displayed on the primary Associate Members' page by default. If you would prefer, you may supply an alternative brief description below.
You are very welcome to submit text in any language but if applicable, please provide a brief English translation. This will not be published.

Sometimes it's difficult to match the payment with the associate membership. If the company or individual paying the subscription fee is not the same as given above, please help us to identify you. This is particularly important for PayPal subscriptions sent from personal accounts.


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