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iGGBA adopts ICRA standard for parental controls on I-Gaming

16th October 2002

iGGBA logo At the European I-Gaming Congress and Expo, the interactive Gaming, Gambling and Betting Association announced the adoption of the Internet Content Rating Association's (ICRA) system of parental control. Each member of iGGBA will rate their web site which will then allow parents to voluntarily set filters to prevent children from accessing I-Gaming web sites.

"The protection of children from exposure to I-Gaming sites is of utmost importance to iGGBA members. As companies determined to prevent access by minors to our sites, we have unilaterally adopted the ICRA rating system to add to our already robust measures for stopping underage access to online gambling" states Nick Harding, Chairman of iGGBA.

"Our system's take up has been excellent and will allow thousands of parents to filter out access to I-Gaming sites for their children. The commitment of iGGBA to adopting this system shows that their members are acting diligently in tackling underage access to I-Gaming. That iGGBA is adopting this as their own internal standard is noteworthy and should encourage government officials who regulate gambling concerns."

The iGGBA adoption of the ICRA system is only one step in their effort to establish a common standard between government, social responsibility groups and the industry on proper mechanisms to prevent both underage and problem gambling. While these standards have not yet been agreed, there is hope that an agreement will help the make the job of the future UK Gambling Commission that much easier.

"This step is just the tip of the iceberg in our efforts to prevent children from accessing our sites. We hope this action will be taken to heart by regulators who in some jurisdictions simply use this as an excuse to shut down operators altogether" said Mr. Harding.

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