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RuleSpace Joins ICRA to Promote Internet Safety

Leading Supplier of Parental Control Filtering Software Supports Internet Content Rating Association's Self-Regulatory Efforts


Washington, DC. - 11 October 2006
The Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA) today announced that RuleSpace, a leading supplier of parental control filtering software, has joined ICRA. ICRA is a non-profit organization that exists to protect children from potentially harmful material while preserving free speech on the Internet. RuleSpace joins other major Internet and communications companies in supporting one of the world's leading self-regulatory efforts on the Web.

"For many years, RuleSpace has worked closely with the Internet's major players, and we're excited to have them on our side," said Stephen Balkam, CEO of ICRA. "RuleSpace shares our goal of protecting children from potentially harmful online material, and we're excited to work with the world's leading provider of parental control solutions in achieving our vision of a safe Internet."

Having created the parental control market in 1996, RuleSpace is now the world's leading provider of parental control filtering software, with more than 50 million accurately categorized URLs and coverage in 14 languages. Companies around the world use RuleSpace's technology to run their parental control offerings and RuleSpace, in turn, uses ICRA labels to help determine how a site is treated-whether it is blocked or allowed.

"RuleSpace is thrilled to join ICRA to continue helping make the Internet a safer place for children," said Alistair Allan, CEO of RuleSpace. " We've seen a dramatic increase in the number of Web sites labeled in countries around the world, and we look forward to a strong working relationship with ICRA to protect children from harmful online content while allowing the free flow of information online. RuleSpace technology provides easy-to-use Parental Controls for a number of major Internet companies, and our partnership with ICRA is a natural union."

ICRA is an international, non-profit membership organization with offices in the United States and the United Kingdom, along with representatives in both Germany and Spain. ICRA's members include AOL, AT&T, British Telecom, CompTIA, GSM Association, Solarsoft, Microsoft, T-Online and Verizon. More than 100,000 Web sites worldwide have already self-labeled, including such brand names as MSN, AOL, Yahoo, T-Online and Hustler, representing millions of Web pages.


About RuleSpace, LLC
About RuleSpace, LLC. RuleSpace, Inc. is a privately held corporation located in Beaverton, Oregon. RuleSpace has been providing award winning Parental Controls services since 1996, and is the world's leading creator and provider of Parental Controls technology. RuleSpace solutions are offered through ISPs and Cable providers, filtered search engines, and OEM solutions which use RuleSpace's Online List Lookup Service with more than 50 million accurately categorized URLs in 15 languages, and its real-time recognizers.


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