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Tribal Fusion And ICRA Partnership Affirms Importance of Privacy and Quality Standards


EMERYVILLE, CA - April 26, 2006 - Online advertising network and leading site-representation company Tribal Fusion has announced that it will renew its exclusive partnership with the Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA), an organization that exists to protect children from potentially harmful material while preserving free speech on the Internet. The partnership reinforces Tribal Fusion's commitment to building the highest quality network of Web site publishers for their advertiser clients.

ICRA, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing a safer Internet, has just renewed its exclusive site representation partnership with Tribal Fusion for the third consecutive year. Since 2001, ICRA has attracted advertisers looking to reach a quality audience on the Tribal Fusion network. In 2003, ICRA delegated all of its ad sales to Tribal Fusion and has since seen its revenue continue to increase.

"Advertising has been hugely valuable for us," explains ICRA CEO Stephen Balkam. "We've been able to leverage our long history with Tribal Fusion to not only thrive as an organization, but also for advice and guidance on site design, monetization, ad placement - the keys to make our organization sustainable and provide the value that it was intended to provide."

Tribal Fusion works to screen, verify and filter ads that appear on all its publisher sites including ICRA's that are sensitive to the quality of the advertising content shown on their site. Tribal Fusion's Vice President of Network Development, Scott Swanson explains "ICRA is a trusted industry resource for protecting online content and they have trusted us to represent all of their online advertising over the past three years. Through the success of our campaign, we have provided ICRA with the resources necessary to grow, thrive and continue their mission to protect content online."

Recently the industry has become increasingly concerned with site quality and the availability of visible site lists on ad networks. Since its inception, Tribal Fusion has helps fund publisher sites through the sale of advertising, in order to build a quality network for their advertisers. To that end, Tribal Fusion is aggressive in policing their publisher sites for questionable content and screening sites before they join. Tribal Fusion is one of the only networks to have a visible site list on their Web site. The exclusive partnership with ICRA affirms Tribal Fusion's commitment to selecting sites that deliver the highest quality content online.

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