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Le statut de Partenaire de l'ICRA existe pour permettre aux petites entreprises et aux personnes de soutenir l'ICRA et ses deux objectifs :

  • protéger les enfants des contenus potentiellement dangereux ; et
  • protéger la liberté d'expression sur Internet.

L'ICRA est fière de compter de nombreuses entreprises et personnes parmi ses Partenaires. Celles-ci se sont toutes engagées à étiqueter les sites Web qu'elles créent et gèrent et à soutenir le travail de l'ICRA.

En plus d'une inscription sur ce site, le statut de Partenaire offre plusieurs avantages. En savoir plus.

Liste des Partenaires

Tous les sites de nos Partenaires sont étiquetés ; vous voudrez peut-être utiliser le lien "Etiquette de contenu" fourni avec chaque nom pour vérifier l'étiquette avant de vous connecter sur le site Web d'un Partenaire. Il s'agit d'une vérification en temps réel de l'étiquette ICRA qui se trouve sur le site Web correspondant (utilisation de JavaScript).

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Wickstrom House

Whispering Pines is a year round vacation home, privately located in the heart of Torch River. Specious living, luxurious accommodations, and beautiful surroundings are waiting for you.

Midwest Drug Rehab

This drug treatment referral service is based in the Midwest and specializes in finding treatment, which is custom fit for each individuals needs.

Ending Drug Dependency

This site offers information and help for drug addiction and drug dependency. Find facts and effects of many popular addictive drugs.

Ending Addiction

Stop the vicious cycle of drug and alcohol abuse, and find treatment for drug addiction. We are committed to providing individuals with the information they need to find treatment that will suit each persons needs.

Drug Addiction Web

Find information and treatment for alcohol abuse and drug addiction.

Cocaine Kills

Learn about the dangerous and addictive traits of the drug cocaine. Use the site's online assessment and seek help for drug addiction through drug treatment.

Cocaine Rehabilitation and Support

Learning guide to cocaine facts and treatment, withdrawal options.

Cocaine and Meth Facts

Learn about the addictive effects, the origins, and history of cocaine and other drugs.

Club Drug Abuse

Learn about club drugs, their effects, and the health concerns they impose.

All Drug Rehab

Guide to effective drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers.

Addiction Support: Your Road to Recovery

This informative site offers assistance for drug addiction. Find referrals ervices which can assist in finding the right drug rehabilitation for those in need

Addiction Resources

Find information and help for those suffering from drug addiction, drug abuse, alcoholism, or chronic relapse.

Treatment for Drug Abuse

Information on cocaine addiction, drug addiction treatment, drug-effects, treatment options, and drug statistics.

Tips on Heroin Abuse

Guide to information on the drug heroin. This site outlines this addictive drug's potential risks, the effects on a persons body and mind, and treatment options.

About Rehabilitation

This site offers those with drug addictions the information to receive help through drug treatment and rehabilitation.

Cocaine Intervention Information

Guide to free referral service for those seeking treatment for drug addiction.

Facts on Cocaine and other Drugs

Guide to facts on the addictive drug cocaine and other abused drugs.

Cocaine Addiction Information

Drug rehabilitation information for cocaine and other drugs.

Drug Facts

Information on seeking recovery from alcohol and drug dependency.

About Cocaine and Other Drugs

Reference guide of the effects of drugs and alcohol, and how users can find free referral for drug rehabilitation services

Alcoholism: Stop the Cycle

Find drug rehabilitation facilities for you or another through this free referral service for drug addiction rehabilitation.

Get Help and Information for Alcohol Abuse

Reference site that has free information on drug rehabilitaion centers for alcohol and substance abuse.

Alcohol Addiction Help and Information

Information on Narconon based substance abuse rehabilitation. Find facts on treating drug addiction and alcoholism.

Alcoholism: A Widespread Problem

Guide to information on alcohol and drug treatment; with free referral services.

About Addiction

Information on Michigan Narconon Drug Rehabilitation which offers drug rehabilitation for people with drug addictions and alcohol abusers

About Drug Addiction

Get information on free drug treatment referral services for alcohol and drug treatment.

Addiction Information

Find information and referral services for alcohol and other drug addictions

Drug Rehab Programs and Drug Rehab Centers

Free treatment referral service for drug addicts, alcoholics, and chronic relapse victims

Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Information

Treatment referral service and information on methamphetamine addiction, alcoholism, cocaine addiction, and other drug addictions.


Vitalfootball aims to be the one stop resource for everything football and provides real news and views for the grass root football fan base.

Drug rehab centers services

Offers a referrals service for drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Jiff-e-Books Personalized Children's Books

Make money with your computer printing personalized children's books by Jiff-e-Books.

SuddenlySex is a phone sex service that offers customers to preview our operators and read their biographies to help you choose your

Vehicle Hire Directory

Directory of UK companies providing self drive motor vehicles and chauffeur driven cars and limousines. is a quality categorised, search enabled and human edited web directory. Our listing standards are high and we offer a good, clean and easy to use directory.

LoveHoney Ltd

LoveHoney is a sexy and secure Web site for adults to buy sex toys, lingerie, romantic gifts, erotic books, and more. 100% privacy and security. Limited Limited is a UK based manufacturer of customer designed and printed beermats.

Cars for Stars Limited

Based in the UK, Cars for Stars provide chauffeur driven cars and limousine hire through a national network of local offices.

Neutralize (*\*) - Search Engine Marketing

One of the UK's leading search engine marketing agencies, specialising in Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click Management.


Tutte le informazioni sui fattori arcani del posizionamento sui motori di ricerca.


La quieta atmosfera dell'esotico Siam. Un tropicale giardino di smeraldo nella magica Thailandia, solo per voi. Wedding DJs

Professional wedding DJ services in the Baltimore / Washington metro area.


At NextStudent, we believe that getting an education is the best investment you can make, and we’re dedicated to helping you pursue your education dreams by making college funding as easy as possible.

Adult Shop Superstore

Buy Online from Adult Shop Superstore. FREE DELIVERY on Sexy Lingerie, Adult DVD and Adult Sex Toys from our Licensed Sex Shop.

Gambling Guide & Directory

A directory of gambling websites and gambling resources.

JD's Web Pages

A directory of websites.

JD's Adult Pages

A directory of adult websites, products and services.

JD's Personal Finance Page

JD's Personal Finance & Investing Page is a directory designed to help you with your personal finances.

JD's Health Pages

A directory of health related sites.

JD's Travel Page

Travel portal & directory that provides links with detailed descriptions of distinctive travel websites.

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