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Integrating ICRAplus in an ISP to offer filtered access for children

ICRAplus As ICRAplus is based on a proxy server, it can be adapted for use in any environment, including within a high traffic ISP offering a filtered-access service for children. Parents would have the same benefits available to ICRAplus users but with the filtering modules being located at the ISP. As the user interface for ICRAplus is a series of HTML pages that can easily be customized, parents can remain in complete control of the filtering platform from their desktop.

ICRAplus came out of the Sift project, a partnership between ICRA and the Greek National Centre for Scientific Research "Demokritos" with principle development undertaken by Spanish filtering solutions provider Optenet. The range of skills and experience offered by the partners is considerable. Optenet in particular has direct experience of integrating its products with ISPs including Telefonica and Wanadoo.

Please contact ICRA in the first instance using the form below to discuss how ICRAplus can be included in your services.

Which filters might you be interested in installing with ICRAplus?
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Further information about ICRAplus

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