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Network administrator's version

ICRAplus All versions of ICRAplus act as a proxy server. In the standalone version, this is transparent so that users do not have to configure their browsers. A slightly different version is available for network administrators that allows you to connect workstations through the proxy in the usual way.

Apart from the proxy set-up, and the ability to log individual workstations out from the administrator's desktop, the network administrator and standalone versions are identical. You can add in filters, create profiles and set login frequency in just the same way.

There are many situations in which ICRAplus can be used free of charge; however it is not possible to make a general statement as there are many factors involved. In principle, it is available for free use by schools and non-profit organizations but is not free for commercial users, or organizations who receive funding conditional on having filtering software installed. The choice of filters installed can clearly make the matter more complicated!

For this reason, the network administrator's version is not available for free download from this website. If you would like to know more please contact us using the form below.

Number of Workstations
Number of different users
Which filters might you be interested in installing with ICRAplus?
What sort of performance do you need the system to achieve?
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Further information about ICRAplus

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