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Working with ICRAplus - organizations

ICRAplus An important part of the ICRA model is the concept of templates, that is, a set of parameters that can be downloaded by a user to configure ICRAplus according to a stated philosophy. This might be a special interest group wanting to distribute a block list (in a secure way) or an organization with a more general agenda of child protection or moral values.

ICRAplus enables your organization to contribute directly to internet filtering without any need for specialist technical skills.

For example, the first organizations to support the ICRA model were the Anti Defamation League in the USA and Kidstation in Germany. ADL makes available a list of websites, securely encrypted (hashed) that can be included in ICRAplus. This can prevent users visiting sites that fits the ADL definition of anti-Semitism and bigotry.

The Kidstation template includes an "allow list" - a list of sites that it defines as being suitable for children. In order for the Kidstation template to approve a site not on its list, the site must be ICRA labelled and fulfil a range of criteria.

The system is flexible enough to cater for all manner of organizations and aims. Templates can contain sophisticated filtering rules, far more sophisticated than the ICRAplus interface allows a parent to set up. For example, it is possible for a template to set the filter to block sites that contain, say, some forms of nudity and explicit sexual language, but to allow nudity in the absence of explicit sexual language.

The difficult part about template creation is deciding what you believe is and is not appropriate for a particular target audience to see. For example, defining age-based templates is something of an intellectual challenge. After that we'll help you with the technical stuff - that's easy!

As you'll have noticed from the wording above, ICRA is very careful not to endorse any given template. Inclusion of the template on this website is not automatic, however, and does require a formal agreement between ICRA and the template provider.

If you are interested in finding out more about creating a template, please contact us using the form below.

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