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Working with ICRAplus - software manufacturers

ICRAplus ICRAplus has been designed to work with any filtering software and inclusion on the page of available downloads is open to any filter manufacturer, subject only to reaching a formal agreement with ICRA.

As an independent non-profit organization ICRA does not endorse or promote any particular filtering software. This includes that produced by ICRA's partners in the European Union co-funded Sift project that developed ICRAplus. There is no charge for non-commercial filters being downloaded from the ICRA website but nominal commission is payable on all commercial sales.

Although ICRAplus uses published standards, it is not open source software and its intellectual property is protected. However, the overall architecture is as shown below.

ICRA<em>plus</em> architecture diagram

Each filter is wrapped in a PICS label bureau. This traps the filter's output and converts it into a format that the central unit can understand. Where possible, the labels generated are ICRA-compatible so that the filter can be effectively configured through the main ICRAplus interface. Non-ICRA labels, such as ones that simply encode block or allow, are also supported however.

Notice that each filter receives the web page from the ICRAplus internet proxy so that only one call to the internet is made per page request. The API documentation gives details of the secure route through which filters may communicate with the outside world without being filtered, and how a filter's UI should be integrated.

If your company is interested in creating or adapting a filter for use with ICRAplus, please contact ICRA using the form below.

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