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ICRA labelling using FrontPage

Microsoft® FrontPage is a powerful tool with which you can create some very impressive web pages without having to know much about HTML or any other website coding language. Every time you add an image or type something into your web pages, FrontPage automatically takes care of the HTML for you. You can create a sophisticated web site without ever having to look at the HTML tab at the bottom of your FrontPage screen. To add an ICRA label however, you need to.

This page takes you through the process step by step and includes screen shots taken from FrontPage 2000. Other versions may differ but the principles remain the same.

The help page here has been written for users with little or no experience of web authoring or wider computer knowledge. Where appropriate, tips for more advanced users have been included. The main piece of information relevant to more advanced users of FrontPage is Don't just copy and paste the ICRA meta tag directly into the HTML source code. Click here to skip to the crucial section.

I've created a simple 3 page web site with a home page and 2 pages off that as shown below:

FrontPage Navigation

Although a label should be included on every page to which it applies, for demonstration purposes, I'll take the simple case of adding a single ICRA label to the "root", i.e. the file FrontPage has created for you called index.htm. There's a potential point of confusion about the differences between a home page, a splash page, a frameset, a default file - these terms all have their uses but the important thing here is that whatever "friendly" name you or FrontPage uses for it, the key file is called index.htm which is why I've highlighted it above. Select that file by double clicking it in the Folder List.

In this simple case, I've added a graphic and some text to the page as shown below:

index page, normal view

Now click Tools > Page Options, then click the HTML Source tab to bring up the dialogue box shown below:

HTML Source dialogue box

Make sure that the "Preserve Existing HTML" option is selected. Then click OK.

Now you're ready to copy and paste your label into the HTML source code of your site.

Fill in the questionnaire on the label generator page and click the "Generate ICRA label" button.

NB If available, just click the "Copy to Clipboard" button. Some browsers won't show this button. In this case, just click and drag your mouse along the full length of the label, then press Ctrl + C. Be sure to catch the characters at the beginning and end of the line!

Label Generator screen shot

One way or another, your label will now be copied onto your computer's clipboard.

Switch back to FrontPage.

Do NOT now just paste the label into the head section in the HTML window. I know that's the obvious thing to do but if you do it that way, FrontPage rewrites the whole label and makes a complete hash of it!

Instead, click Insert > Advanced > HTML... as shown below:

Insert - Advanced - HTML

Now press Ctrl+V to paste the label from your computer's clipboard into the window that has just opened, then click OK and select the HTML tab as shown below:

Paste the tag

If this is the first time you've see the HTML source code for your site, don't panic! We just need to carry out a couple more steps and the job will be done.

The code for this simple demonstration page is shown below with the key elements circled. Your site will have more HTML code than this!

first look at HTML

Advanced users Yes, it's in the wrong place for the time being ... patience!

FrontPage puts its own tags either side of the ICRA label you've just inserted which effectively say "I don't know what this is but the author just stuck it in there so I'd better leave it in." These are colour coded grey and need to be removed in order for the ICRA label to work. Just delete the

<!--webbot bot="HTMLMarkup" startspan -->


<!--webbot bot="HTMLMarkup" endspan -->

tags to leave the ICRA label on its own line as shown below. Notice that the label is all on one line despite having been spread across severalwhen you first received it. That's good!

webbot tags removed

Here's the clever bit

Now click the Normal tab at the bottom of your FrontPage window, then go back to the HTML tab.

FrontPage has recognized that the ICRA label is in the wrong place and has moved it to where it should be - in the <head> section of your page as shown below. Smart.

ICRA label in correct place

Just check that... the label should be on a single line, just above the <head> tag.

If you want to add an ICRA logo or the words "'Labelled with ICRA" to your site, please do so now using the same techniques you would for any other image or hyperlink. Further information is available by following the links below

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